More on 'Mostly'

What is so challenging with nutrition and 'diets' is the all-or-nothing mentality that comes with them. Vegan or Omnivore. Salad or Fast Food. It can seem like there is no in between. Not only is this a lot of pressure to stick to one diet all the time, it is likely not enjoyable nor realistic!

And while the phrase "everything in moderation" is good in theory, it is not quantifiable. This can lead to problems. Who is really tallying up their servings at the end of the day? We do not necessarily want everything in moderation, either. We should be eating WAY MORE plant foods than other foods. When it comes to plants, Americans have been suffering from moderating their intake. There's no need! Stuff your face with plants, people!

Maybe the perspective needs to be shifted to eat mostly plants. By eating mostly plants at every meal, you are increasing the consumption plants, reaping their many health-promoting and disease-fighting benefits, AND leaving less room on your plate for other bad foods.

I stumbled across the below video this morning and I think it is a really good way to think about this concept!

Kristen CarliComment