Trader Joe's Must-Haves

Trader Joe’s has my heart! Not only do they have great products but they have great prices! Below are all of my Trader Joe’s items I can't live without!

Brown Rice Quinoa Pasta

This brown rice & quinoa pasta is a great gluten-free option! I'm not gluten free but I love it as a whole grain option!

Acai Packets

These acai packets are perfect to pop into my morning smoothie! They are more affordable at Trader Joe's than at other places I've looked.

Everything Bagel Spice

Ahhh... my favorite product ever! I throw this on my avocado toast every morning and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

High Protein Tofu

This is my favorite tofu because it is so dense that you DON'T need to press it! If you can't find this tofu, any of their other extra firm tofus will do, but be sure to press before using!


These are a great quick pre-cooked plant-based protein option! I plop these lentils into a glass tupperware and eat throughout the week.

10 Min Grain

These 10 minute grain bags are a lifesaver! There is nothing easier. Boil a pot of water, add the grains, and drain after 10 minutes. No measuring water or measuring grains. Not to mention they are SO affordable.


This is my favorite tempeh at the moment. I love the nutty grain texture. I quickly saute cubes and toss on my salads for a plant-based protein option.

Just Coconut Chunks

I think these broke the internet when they first dropped! You will find these in the frozen section and the ingredients cannot be beat - just coconut! I throw these in my smoothies and they make the texture super creamy.

Coconut Cashews

When I first discovered these I was so obsessed that I almost overdid it. Almost! They are slightly sweet and salty and truly addicting! I always have them with me - make a perfect grab and go snack!

Nutritional Yeast

I'm super excited Trader Joe's is selling nutritional yeast because now I don't need to stop anywhere else! I use this in the non-dairy cheez sauce and tossed on popcorn.

Oil Spray

When I first saw oil sprays available, I was really excited because it makes roasting veggies and flavoring popcorn super easy! But then I noticed that most other brands include really strange ingredients and propellants in the ingredients. TJ's has a few types of oil spray (coconut, canola, etc), but this is only one that does not have any weird ingredients in it - just olive oil. It works like a charm!


I've tried a lot of Tofurky products and I do not love them as much as I love this TJ's veggie sausage. They are a great option for grilling, but I most often used them sliced and sauteed with pasta dishes! WARNING for strict vegans: they contain egg whites. 

Goddess Dressing

Is this dressing gone forever? I used to buy this every week and eat with salads, but I have not been able to find it for a while. If you find it in your Trader Joe's, definitely give it a shot! It's a hummus-like dressing that has a ton of flavor!

Salt and Pepper Pistachios

I bring these with me on my long school days! They are addicting!

Chile Lime Spice

This is good on almost anything! But it is INCREDIBLE on the Mac + Cheez + Peas!

Vegan Kale Cashew Pesto

I love making my own pesto, but when I don't have time this is a great option! The cashews make it super creamy. I love it stirred into pesto mayo.

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