5 Tips for Going Mostly Plant-Based

5 Tips for Going Plant-Based

1) Don’t do it all at once.

Ease out of your heavy animal protein diet. That could mean you need to start by …

  • Joining in on #MeatlessMonday

  • Adopting VB6 - vegan before 6 pm

  • Limiting meat and dairy from your diet but still eating eggs regularly

Whatever it is… be gentle with yourself and recognize that this could be drastic change for you. Any change is good change! Baby steps are totally acceptable!

2) Change your mindset

Instead of thinking about what you are giving up, think about all you are gaining! Adopting a plant-based diet isn’t just about limiting animal products from your plate. It’s about welcoming in more fruits and vegetables. Endless amounts of ALL fruits and veg are allowed! The more the merrier!

3) Supplement with B-12

Eating mostly plant-based is INCREDIBLE for your health. The only nutrient you will be lacking is Vitamin B12 because it is not directly available from plants. It is very important to avoid deficiency in B12, so supplementation is essential. I buy these from Trader Joe’s and take 2-3 doses per week.

4) Meal Prep

I’m not going to lie to you. It’s not easy to go out to eat when you are plant-based. While more and more restaurants are providing vegetarian/ vegan options, it's not super easy to find plant-based options in mainstream restaurants. If you are going out to eat every now and then, like once a week, it may not be a big deal. This is where I pull my ‘mostly’ card. But if you go out to eat every day for lunch, you may want to start meal-prepping. 

5) Experiment!

Follow some great food bloggers, invest in some great cookbooks, and experiment! Try new things! New veg, new recipes, new ways to eat the things you already love! You may discover your new favorite meals!

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