Plant-Based Meals on a Budget

We know that plant-based eating can be amazing for our health, and while it may feel unattainable in so many aspects (I know that the journey is not always easy or immediate...) - fortunately you do not have to worry about high $ spending! A common myth is that plant-based eating is super expensive....  when actually it is one of the most affordable ways to eat!

The base of these meals are composed of grains and legumes, which happen to be extremely affordable (not to mention nutritious!). You can find a large bag of dried pinto beans or uncooked rice for $1 and they last for several meals.

I recently completed the #SNAPChallenge. SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or previously known as the food stamp program) provides financial support for low-income families to purchase food. While this is needed and welcomed, it is still very difficult to get a meal on the table for $4.50 per person per day. 

Being plant-based, I knew that I would have more success with this challenge than others, because I did not have to account for the high costs of meat or dairy products. And while still a large undertaking, I felt like I could stick to this budget. Here is what I chose to eat during the challenge!

For the week, I purchased:

- large bag of uncooked rice

- several cans of beans (pinto, black beans, etc) and corn

- bag of uncooked red lentils

- coconut milk

- canned tomatoes

- bag of frozen veggies

- peanut butter

- jelly (preferably fruit only)

- flour

- bags of whole wheat pasta

- avocados

- spring mix

- sweet potatoes 

- pesto

- broccoli

- tofu

- tomatoes


Typical Daily Meals: 


-homemade bread with avocado and everything bagel spice


-large salad composed of spring mix, sweet potatoes, beans, olive oil, lemon pepper, and apple cider vinegar

-pb&j made from homemade bread (it's a classic for a reason! And while not filled with a plethora of veggies, as long as you get some veggies in for dinner you should be great!)

- Tofu BLT


Lentil Dhal

Burrito Bowls

Asian Veggie Stir Fry with Rice

Sheet Pan Dinner (broccoli + tofu + rice)

Pasta with Pesto (simple and delicious, if you have extra spinach or kale, toss that in too!)

Pasta with Marcella Hazan red sauce (I've posted this recipe on my IG stories before, but I can't believe I haven't gotten around to posting this recipe to my site yet... Check out the recipe here - I swap out the butter for vegan butter - preferably Miyoko's !)

No Knead Bread

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