How To Meal Prep

How To Meal Prep

Do you meal prep? Meal prepping is all the rage right now. And rightly so. This simple practice can be a huge help in adhering to a healthy lifestyle. 

I know that this has worked for me and my busy schedule, and I am confident it will help you as well. With a little work up-front, you’re on your way to greatness.

On weeks that I have meal-prepped, I can quickly grab something portable, yummy, and nutritious from the fridge with minimal prep work, making my lunch life much easier. It is all ready to go and easy to pack. Talk about a money saver too! Combine all elements to make a multitude of meals on the fly!

1) Batch cook

The base of most of my meals include grains. Batch cooking over the weekend saves me time during the week! Have you received my 'Grain Bowl 101' ebook? In it, I explain how to cook every type of grain. Click here to download it for FREE.

2) Invest in storage

I try to avoid plastic to limit BPA and to be more sustainable. I feel guilty throwing out countless plastic bags every week. These Stasher bags are great reusable bags for packing snacks!

A few years ago, I dumped all my plastic storage and upgraded to glass. It's a bit of an investment at first (depending on how much storage you need), but I do not regret it! 

3) Roast veggies

Any veg can be chopped, drizzled with olive oil + salt + pepper, and roast at 400 degrees for 20-40 min. Squash, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, broccoli, etc... Use any veg you love! Having these prepped in the fridge allows you to easily toss into pasta dishes or add to tortillas and salsa for tacos!

4) Wash greens

Washing all your greens at the start of the week makes it easy for you to make a salad at the drop of a hat! I also love to challenge myself to add a handful of spinach to every meal. It is surprisingly easy! Spinach has such a mild flavor that it works in most dishes. Try it in pasta, smoothies, omelettes, oatmeal, grain bowls, pizzas, soups, etc!

5) Slice and wash snacking veggies

I love bell peppers, mushrooms, celery and carrots!

6) Slice and wash snacking fruits

I love pineapple, grapes, and berries!

7) Prepare dressings and sauces

I've said this before and I'll say it again... "your grain bowl is only as good as your sauce". I like prepping a few sauces and dressings at the beginning of the week to easily dollop on any dish. See my 5 Go To Sauces here and my Walnut Basil Pesto here.

8) Soak sprout seeds

I like getting a batch of sprouts growing at the beginning of the week. I use this jar lid and these seeds. Start by soaking 1.5 tablespoons of seeds in water for 8-12 hours. Then drain and rinse twice a day for the next 3-4 days. That's it! No green thumb required.

9) Cut up several lemons

I stock up on a lot of lemons (about a dozen) every week! I toss slices in my water, squeeze them on salads, and use the juice with olive oil to toss with pasta.

10) Soak nuts

If I am meal prepping on a Sunday, I set up nuts in water to soak Saturday night. I like to make my own nut milk in order to save money, but also to avoid the unnecessary ingredients that are often included in store-bought versions. Get my Any Nut Milk recipe here. You'll need a nut milk bag - I love this one (Get 10% off your entire cart when you use code 'KristenCarli') !

Have you tried the Non-Dairy Cheez sauce yet? This sauce is so versatile that you can prep it over the weekend and eat it all week long: in burritos, as mac + cheez, on nachos, in Taco Pasta, or as a dip! Set up another bowl of 1/4 cup of cashews to soak and you can prep this as well!

11) Marinate tofu

For quick easy lunches, I like to marinate some tofu slices in the fridge to prep for Tofu BLTs. Get my marinade recipe and my Tofu BLT recipe here.

12) Make a fresh loaf of bread

We love making our own bread! Read my post on why here. Click here for a Fail-Proof No Knead Loaf recipe.






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