How to Press Tofu

Tofu can be intimidating! If you have never cooked with tofu, here is all you need to know.

There are several types of tofu: silken, firm, and extra firm. Silken is often used as 'ricotta' or when making creamy 'mayo' based dressings. I exclusively use extra firm! I find that it has the best texture when chopped into cubes and cooked. If you are using tofu, you NEED to press it before marinating and cooking. By pressing, you will remove all of the excess liquid inside, which allows it to crisp up when cooking! While many tofu-pressers are on the market these days, I suggest skipping those and using things you already have around the house.

Here's how to press tofu:

1) Take block of tofu out of packaging and drain liquid.

2) Place block of tofu on a large bowl/plate or a baking sheet. You want something with high edges so the liquid doesn't spill over. (I love to use these bowl/plates from Crate and Barrel!)

3) Cover with a dish towel.

4) Place another baking sheet and heavy books on top.

5) Let sit for at least an hour. (I prefer two!)

6) Remove books, baking sheet, and dish towel. The tofu will be sitting in a pool of liquid. Drain.

7) Now you are ready to marinate, chop, and cook your tofu!

How to Press Tofu
How to Press Tofu
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