Any Nut Butter

This non-recipe recipe is my new favorite thing to make from scratch. Just like my 'Any Nut Milk' recipe, this one calls for just one ingredient: nuts! 

All you need is 4 cups of nuts, maybe a pinch of salt, and a good food processor! I recommend trying pecan butter, hazelnut butter, and sunflower seed butter, but get creative! Any nut or seed should do!

Any Nut Butter

Just pour 4 cups of nuts into the food processor and blend, blend, blend! Now the thing to remember is to keep blending. You are going to question me on this. But keep blending! You are going to be blending for a very long time. Trust me! First the nuts blend into a flour consistency, but if you keep blending the oils from the nuts eventually create a smooth nut butter consistency.

Any Nut Butter


4 cups of nuts or seeds

pinch of salt (optional)


1) Pour nuts into food processor and blend.

2) Keep blending until smooth! 

Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.

Any Nut Butter